How to Prepare Your Spa For Autumn

Crisp autumn days and nights are often most enjoyable when you are submerged in a warm and inviting spa. Of course, your experience will be even more pleasurable when you take time to properly clean and maintain your hot tub before opening it each season. This hot tub maintenance checklist outlines a basic care and … Continued

5 Tips to Help Care For The Heart of Your Pool

Pool care is a major aspect of ownership, but there is more than adding chemicals, cleaning the water and checking the filters when it comes to maintenance. One often taken for granted and neglected aspects of your water respite is the pool pump. As the heart of your system, regular maintenance is a must to … Continued

A Guide to the 2017 Kitsap County State Fair and Stampede

“Hold onto your hat!” is always an excellent suggestion when good times are approaching, and there’s no coincidence it’s also the official theme of this year’s Kitsap County Fair and Stampede. One of the more favorite annual community events in the area, the celebration takes place Aug. 23-27 at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds in Bremerton, … Continued

The Results are in: Real Reviews From Real Customers

One thing that we pride ourselves on at Aqua Spas & Pools is our quality of service. We strive to make sure that every experience is nothing less than exceptional. Many companies throw around words like quality, service, and integrity but few of them live it. We believe in our staff. We believe that they … Continued

How to Throw a Pool Party for Under $50

With summer upon us, the temperatures are rising! What better way to cool off with your friends and family than by having a refreshing summer pool party? You don’t have to break the bank to make a splash with a memorable bash. In fact, with smart planning and a budget of $50 or less, your … Continued

4 Aquatic Exercises Everyone Can Do

Aquatic exercise offers numerous physical and mental benefits and it’s a smart choice for anyone wanting to be more active. Not only is it a safer alternative for senior citizens worried about breaking fragile bones, it also reduces the chance of injuries, especially if you’re out of shape or overweight. Because the water supports part … Continued

7 of Your Most Frequently Asked Pool Questions Answered

There are many advantages to having a swimming pool in your backyard including, the fact that it often provides fun for the whole family and a great place to exercise. Whether you have been considering installing assuming pool for years or several months, many of the same questions arise. Thankfully, Aqua Spas and Pools is … Continued

5 Tips for Keeping Children Safe Around Hot Tubs

Hot tubs can bring years of joy, relaxation, and entertainment to your family, but you should also be aware of the safety concerns and risks that hot tubs pose to children. As a hot tub owner, it is your responsibility to keep your kids safe while in and around your hot tub. Since May is … Continued

Safety Tips to Prevent Drownings and Save Lives [Infographic]

Every summer, pools around Washington open for the season.  The summer fun begins once again; swimming, splashing and sunshine are on the agenda. However, danger still lurks below the water’s surface. On average, ten people die a day from unintentional drownings; half of those being children under the age of 14.  Lack of swimming ability, … Continued