5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Hot Tub This Year  

The new year brings an opportunity to refocus and change habits—from personal goals to simpler tasks like catching up certain household chores. If “clean my hot tub” is on your to-do list, it’s time to rethink the process, focusing on both basics and long-term maintenance that can extend the life of the hot tub while … Continued

How To Choose The Best Spas: Hot Tubs For Families

Many hot tub seekers choose models based solely on how well they soothe aching muscles, but the best spas hot tubs can also provide the perfect place for fun family activities. Families often spend lots of time in the same house but don’t always spend quality time together. Installing a hot tub suitable for the … Continued

Hot Tub Water Maintenance Tips That You Need To Know

Maintaining sanitary water is vital for your hot tub’s mechanical well-being and the safety of everyone who uses it. Since there’s less water in a hot tub than a swimming pool, changes in water balance can happen quickly. Plus, higher water temperatures and frequent use could result in decreased sanitizer levels. This makes germs and … Continued

8 Hot Tub Questions That You Need To Ask

If you are considering purchasing your first hot tub, you likely have a lot of questions. Thankfully, the experienced professionals at Aqua Spas and Pools are available to answer your questions about hot tubs. You can also review some of the most common questions we hear listed below. How much does a hot tub cost? … Continued

How to Prepare Your Spa For Autumn

Crisp autumn days and nights are often most enjoyable when you are submerged in a warm and inviting spa. Of course, your experience will be even more pleasurable when you take time to properly clean and maintain your hot tub before opening it each season. This hot tub maintenance checklist outlines a basic care and … Continued