Should you Hire a Professional to Service Your Hot Tub?


Unless you are handy and have a good deal of knowledge about hot tub maintenance, you might consider contacting a local spa professional to handle servicing your spa. Considering the depth of knowledge these experts have, it may be wise to hire an outside company to get your hot tub bubbling for the summer season. Spa professionals are qualified to handle the following tasks in order to prepare and maintain your spa for use this spring and summer.


Cleaning and Storing the Spa Cover

It’s important to properly store any covers and tarps from your spa. Soft and hard shells need to be dried out, cleaned and stored to prevent mildew from forming. Keeping spa covers clean, dry and out of the sun or extremely hot places will also extend their longevity.  Since hot tubs are an investment and provide numerous health and wellness benefits, it’s important extend their lifespan.   


Check the Shell for Leaks and Cracks, Then Wax

Small leaks, splits and cracks can be difficult for the inexperienced eye to spot, but it’s a vital part of the inspection process. One benefit of having a hot tub professional service your spa is that if any cracks, leaks or tears are present, they can typically be repaired right away.  Additionally, your spa professional can tighten any loosened drain plugs. The spa professional will also clean your spa filter, sanitize and wax the spa shell. Using an appropriate acrylic wax, spa professionals can polish your spa, making your spa look like new. Spa professionals will have the right tools, chemicals and cleaners to get your hot tub ready; meaning you can soak in hot water in your spa sooner. A pro can also answer questions such as how hot should a hot tub be during use.


Checking the Jets, and Double Checking for Leaks

Spa professionals know just where to expect those pesky leaks, and they’ll keep a close eye out for them while servicing your hot tub. As long as you have been properly maintaining your hot tub, there should not be any issues. Our professionals will check your jet and heating system for optimal efficiency. Spa professionals know exactly how to identify clogged jets, pumps that are improperly priming, and lagging heat systems. Any malfunctions in these systems can create costly problems rather quickly.  Having a professional maintain your hot tub can save money and stress in the long run.


The Chemists of Chemical Accuracy

Sometimes aquatic adjustments are needed in regards to the pH level of your spa. The experts will be able to troubleshoot the issue or test a water sample to determine the water is deemed appropriate for use.  This ensures that the water is safe for you, your family, and guests who’ll be using your hot tub.


Why You Should Hire a Spa Professional to Service Your Hot Tub

In summary, here are the tasks your spa professional will handle for you to ensure maximum enjoyment of your hydrotherapy device:

  • Cleaning and storing the spa cover
  • Checking for cracks or leaks on the spa’s interior and the exterior shell
  • Cleaning and polishing and waxing the spa exterior
  • Ensuring all plugs, seals and filters are properly in place and clean
  • Checking for vent function, and balancing the pH and chemicals in the spa


Let the Pros Handle Opening Your Spa

Our experienced team of pool and spa professionals can help you handle everything from installing a new hot tub to tackling basic routine maintenance. Give Aqua Spas and Pools a call in Gig Harbor at 253-851-6942 or contact our Kitsap office at 360-377-8209. If you’d like, you can also Contact Us Online, or call our toll free line at 877-775-3442.