5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Hot Tub This Year  

The new year brings an opportunity to refocus and change habits—from personal goals to simpler tasks like catching up certain household chores. If “clean my hot tub” is on your to-do list, it’s time to rethink the process, focusing on both basics and long-term maintenance that can extend the life of the hot tub while helping to keep it healthy for all users. In addition, new hot tub owners or anyone considering investing in a hot tub this year should also consider important maintenance tips.

How to care for your hot tub and keep it refreshed year-round:


1. Test Water Twice a Week

Hot tub water must maintain a balance and this requires regular testing. We recommend water testing at least once a week or even twice a week whether the hot tub is in use or not. It’s also a good idea to test the water before each use. Regular testing is essential to ensure hot tub water has the right alkaline balance, pH level, and is properly sanitized for optimal health and safety. Use hot tub water test strips or kits designed especially for general hot tub maintenance.

Once a month, bring a water sample to Aqua Spas and Pools to have a professional water analysis performed with a computerized system.

Tip: Water test strips do have an expiration date and shouldn’t be used after that date has passed.

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Hot Tub This Year  

2. Rely on an Ozonator

Because ozone has the ability to act as a natural sanitizer, a device that uses ozone can be ideal for refreshing and maintaining the cleanliness of a hot tub. An Ozonator uses a UV light or corona discharge unit to split oxygen molecules as part of a process to create ozone. The ozone kills harmful bacteria and other contaminants in the hot tub water. Ozone can reduce and eliminate common hot tub water contaminants like deodorant, soap, hairspray, sunscreen, and even urine. The Ozonator plus regular cleaning helps improve hot tub water quality.

3. Clean Hot Tub Skimmer Basket Weekly

Sometimes it’s forgetting the little things that over time can have a big impact. Be sure to clean the hot tub skimmer basket every week to help maintain proper filter flow.

5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Hot Tub This Year  

4. Purchase a Maintenance Package

Let the professionals clean your hot tub. A maintenance package allows trained technicians to inspect, test, and clean your hot tub on a regular schedule. This makes it easier for you to enjoy more quality time relaxing in the hot tub without worrying about contaminants.

At Aqua Spas and Pools, discover three different plans designed to work best for your schedule: once a month, bi-weekly, or weekly. With these packages you receive high-quality work performed by trained technicians who will:

  • Test and treat the water
  • Clean and rinse the filters
  • Vacuum
  • Wipe the waterline
  • Clean the spa cover

In addition, a schedule can be set for routine water draining and refilling. If it’s been too long in between cleanings, your hot tub water may be too far out of balance for treatment. A full draining of the hot tub may be needed. Start fresh with new water and plan to maintain the water through regular testing and cleaning.

5. Always Use Right Products

Like a high-end appliance, your hot tub requires the right products to maintain optimum performance and to keep it sanitary. Choose only products designed for hot tubs. If you’re not sure if a product can be used in your home hot tub, ask a professional.

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment for a hot tub check-up, select a maintenance package, or need water testing supplies, contact Aqua Spas and Pools located in Gig Harbor today.