5 Fun Aquatic Exercises to Try This Summer

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Great swim workouts don’t have to be limited to swimming laps and water aerobics. Almost any exercise you do on land, can be done in the water, and some can be a real blast! From spinning to kickboxing, popular land-based fitness trends have made a splash at pool fitness classes across the country. Take your pool conditioning workouts to a new level with aquatic exercises that make fitness fun again.

Aqua Spinning

Pool Conditioning Workouts

Aqua spinning combines hardcore stationary bicycle exercise routines with low-impact pool workouts and it’s a fun way to incorporate pool fitness into your exercise regime. Cycling through water makes your muscles to work harder so you get fit faster, but without stressing your joints. It’s also great for spin class junkies looking for a new challenge, so many large aquatic facilities have already added aqua cycling classes to their lineup.

Great Swim Workouts

Powering through laps offers a great workout that can quickly slim and tone your whole body, but swimming endless laps alone can get boring. Make your aqua workouts more exciting this summer by challenging your swimming buddies. Organize formal or informal swim contests to see who is the fastest or improves the most over a set time period. Make it even more fun by holding races for different swimming strokes. You can even race to see who can dog paddle the fastest.

Pool Noodle Exercises

Pool noodles aren’t just a funky floatation device, they can also be a fun piece of pool fitness equipment. Noodle exercises add a new level to your pool fitness goals and they’re great for swimming workouts for non-swimmers. Many non-swimmers are intimidated by swimming for exercise, but noodle exercises can make it more relaxing and enjoyable. Wrap one behind your back and under your arms for stability and you can do leg tucks, crunches or run in place with ease, while the floating noodle safely keeps you in place.

Aqua Dancing

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Give your pool workout a Latin beat and shimmy your way into some fun aquatic exercises. Aqua dancing/aerobic classes can cover a variety of dance styles and music genres, but salsa, Zumba and Cumbia-infused dance steps accompanied by Latin music and rhythms are what’s most often mixed with familiar exercise moves. Tom Taylor Family YMCA in Gig Harbor, Washington has already joined this pool fitness craze by offering fun, upbeat classes like Aqua Zumba and Aqua Salsa.

Aqua Kickboxing

Yes, they make a punching bag for this! Based on authentic kickboxing techniques, aqua kickboxing incorporates martial arts moves with pool workouts for cardiovascular benefits and buoyancy to reduce impact. These innovative classes provide the energetic fun you get with land-based cardio kickboxing, and lets you vent some aggression by punching and kicking a heavy bag connected to a sturdy pole in the water.

Great swim workouts allow you to get shape in a low-impact environment, but you can spice it up with fun aquatic exercises this summer, like:

  1. Hydrospinning for a fun new way to kick up your heart rate.
  2. Turning lap swimming into a competitive game.
  3. Boogying your way through pool workouts with upbeat tunes that keep your body moving.
  4. Noodle exercises that offer fun swimming workouts for non-swimmers.
  5. Punching your way to a fitter figure with aqua kickboxing.

Good Clean Fun from Aqua Spas & Pools

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