5 Must Have Spa Accessories

Best Spa Accessories

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a soak in the soothing warm water of your spa. However, the experience can be even more pleasurable with the addition of a few popular outdoor hot tub accessories. Enjoy benefits ranging from ease of use and greater comfort to energy savings with these clever jacuzzi accessories. Here are the 5 best hot tub accessories:

Best Spa Accessories

Protective Hot Tub Cover Lifters

The primary purpose of most users is to relax in the hot tub, not hurt their back lifting a traditional cover off trying to get in. Cover lifters feature bars that streamline the opening procedure and allow it to fold back securely on the edge of the tub. A hot tub cover lifter can help you save more than your strength, as it also protects the spa itself. These covers sit more securely than non-lifting models, hence they keep out more debris and help properly maintain proper water temperature for greater jacuzzi energy savings.

Spa Booster Seats

Spa booster seats are exceptional spa accessories that can make any soak more pleasurable. The surfaces of a hot tub are slick and hard and can leave one with a sore bum after a long session. Spa booster seats resolve this issue, and they are also particularly useful for children and individuals of short stature who need a boost to keep their heads above water. These ingenious jacuzzi accessories also help lightweight spa users stay in place when the jets are activated.

Best Spa Accessories

Spa Steps

Those with above ground backyard units understand that an integral part of spa safety is being able to safely enter and exit with reliable spa steps. These can be crafted of wood, plastic, polymer resins and can be curved, traditional and even feature decorative handrails. For added security apply grip tape to the individual steps if the model doesn’t feature it already, which is especially important for child safety in hot tubs.

Solar Hot Tub Covers

One of the best must have hot tub accessories for those looking to save on energy costs is a thermal or solar hot tub cover. This simple insulated mats floats atop the water and serves a number of purposes.

  • Reducing Heat Loss
  • Reducing Evaporation
  • Lowering the Need for Chemical Treatments
  • Reducing Damage From Chemicals to the Spa Cover

Solar hot tub covers are a wise investment and help your hot tub stay at optimal temperatures, so it’s ready to enjoy anytime.

Replacement Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers are continually exposed to the elements, making it a rather vulnerable part of the unit. If you have begun noticing wear and tear, warps, bends or the cover has become waterlogged, you might notice higher electric bills. Worn out hot tub covers tend to let the warmth out, and waterlogged covers lose their resistance to thermal protection. These symptoms essentially reduce the cover’s efficacy overall. In these situations, a replacement lightweight hot tub cover is highly recommended, and this might be the perfect time to invest in a hot tub cover lifter.

Key Points: Spa Accessories

  • Cover Lifters—Ease strain when opening the lid and help protect the spa.
  • Spa Steps—Increase safety and improve entry into above ground jacuzzis.
  • Booster Seats—Give a boost to the little ones and increase stability in the hot tub.
  • Solar Blankets—Improve heat retention and reduce chemical use.
  • Hot Tub Cover Replacements—Keep your spa safe with a reliable replacement cover.

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