5 Reasons You Need a Professional to Open Your Swimming Pool  

Are you ready to get your swim on? You already know the benefits of professional pool cleaning, but perhaps you aren’t aware of the perks of allowing a pool professional to assist with opening your pool after winter. From removing the cover and winterizing plugs to, properly refilling your pool and adding the right chemicals to achieve a safe swimming environment, here are five reasons to consider calling a pool professional to handle the job so you can swim without worry.


1. Pool Cover Considerations
The first aspect of opening your pool is properly removing, cleaning and storing the pool cover. This can be a cumbersome task for the average homeowner to undertake, but pool professionals have the know-how, experience and proper materials to streamline this process. It’s essential to ensure that the water and debris accumulated upon your pool cover in the off-season months doesn’t get into your pool; especially if you didn’t drain the system. Pool professionals will carefully remove the cover, before giving it a thorough cleaning to remove any buildup of grime, dirt, oil, and grease. They’ll also sanitize your cover to make sure that no mildew or bacteria prosper during storage.


2. Winterizing Plugs and Skimmer Baskets Can be Challenging

Your pool contains return jets and step jets that should be covered with winterizing plugs during colder seasons. Typically, there are specialized tools required to remove winterizing plugs, and they can be damaged if they are improperly removed. After removal, proper eyeball or jet fittings will need to be installed prior to use, so this task is best left to a pool professional. Skimmer baskets aren’t as challenging to remove, but they also generally have winter plugs beneath them that require removal. Again, cleaning and improperly installing these plugs and the skimmer baskets are essential to ensuring the pool stays clean and ready for use.


3. Properly Refilling Your Pool

You may have drained your pool during winterization or it may have lost water through evaporation over the off-season. Before opening your pool, you’ll want to ensure that the water is clean and at proper levels for successful operation. If you’re not a seasoned pool expert, you may be unsure whether you should drain the current water or how much water to add before reconnecting the system. Improper levels can cause malfunctions and require costly repairs, so it’s best to let your pool professional handle this task, as well.


4. Turning the Pool’s Operational System Back On

Before turning the pump and filter systems back on, all filters should be checked, cleaned and the priming the pool filter may be necessary if they aren’t pulling water. This requires shutting down the filter system, removing the pump lid, and filling the pump’s housing with clean water before replacing them. It’s also essential to check for any types of drips or leaks throughout the filtration and pump mechanisms prior to powering up your pool for the summer season. These aren’t typically DIY tasks for the average homeowner, so call a professional pool company like Aqua Spas and Pools in Gig Harbor and enjoy your pool without these hassles.


5. Chemical Additions Can be Tricky
While maintaining proper pool chemical levels isn’t necessarily challenging, getting the right pH balance, sanitizer and chlorine combination can be tricky when first opening your pool. Our experts will shock your pool and get you the ideal balance so you can swim comfortably and safely throughout the summer. Your pool professional will also test these levels before declaring your pool officially open for swimmers.


Key Points of Hiring Pool Professionals
The benefits of hiring a pool professional is because they can handle opening your pool from beginning until you’re swimming. An experienced provider handles:

  • Properly cleaning, removing, and storing your pool cover.
  • Removing winterizing plugs and cleaning skimmers
  • Refilling the pool to adequate levels with clean water
  • Turning the system back on and checking them for proper function.
  • Adding chemicals and testing for proper pH levels to ensure safe use.


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