5 Tips for Keeping Children Safe Around Hot Tubs

Hot tubs can bring years of joy, relaxation, and entertainment to your family, but you should also be aware of the hot tub risks and safety concerns that they pose to children. As a hot tub owner, it is your responsibility to know the basics and keep your kids safe while in and around your hot tub. Since May is National Water Safety Month, we thought we’d share some hot tub safety tips for children!


Don’t Leave Children Unattended

Accidents happen, and a child who falls into a hot tub can drown within minutes. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because the water isn’t deep, your child will be safe. Small children can drown in just a few inches of water. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five people who die in a drowning accident are children under 14 years old. Parents should never leave a child alone in or near a hot tub, even for a minute.


Adjust the Temperature to Make Your Hot Tub Suitable for Children

How hot is too hot for children in your hot tub? According to hot tub information from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, infants and toddlers should not spend any time in your hot tub. They can easily overheat in water that is considered safe hot tub temperature for adult soaking. Children who can stand up in the hot with their head completely out of water should be able to withstand temperatures of 104 degrees for no more than five minutes. If you drop the temperature to 98 degrees, children can stay in the water for 15 minutes. They also recommend that adults encourage children to drink fresh water during their soak.


Cover and Lock Your Hot Tub When Not in Use

It takes just a few minutes to secure your hot tub’s cover when you are finished soaking. Not only will this keep your own kids from accidentally falling in, it will also keep out any neighborhood children that wander into your yard. A hot tub safety cover will also keep your tub’s temperature more stable, and keep debris from falling into the water. Visit our pool supply store in Gig Harbor for a variety of covers and locks to suit your needs.


Prevent Slips and Falls in and around Your Hot Tub

When it comes to kids and hot tubs, you should have a no horseplay rule. It’s so easy for kids to get carried away while roughhousing, and very easy for someone to get hurt. You can prevent slips and falls outside the hot tub by installing anti-skid treads on steps, painting your deck with sand paint, and placing slip-proof rubber mats near the entrance of the hot tub. Kids (and adults) should be especially careful when entering and exiting the hot tub.


Make Sure Your Drain is Safe

Exposed suction outlets can be a serious risk to kids and adults. Uncovered drains can cause suction entrapment, and it especially dangerous to young children. Drains should be protected by an approved cover and tested periodically. Check the expiration date of your drain cover, and replace it ASAP if necessary. Drain covers should also be in compliance with the new ANSI/ASME standards. If you are unsure if your drain cover is compliant, please contact our repair service division and we will send someone out to inspect your drain and cover.

Awareness of hot tub safety is critical to keep children out of danger so you can enjoy your hot tub with your family. To summarize, here are the most important tips for water safety around hot tubs:

  • Never leave your children unattended around your hot tub.
  • Make sure the temperature of your hot tub is suitable for children.
  • Cover and lock your hot tub when it’s not in use.
  • Take steps to prevent slips and falls around your hot tub.
  • Make sure your drain is safe

At Aqua Spas and Pools, we are committed to providing you with hot tubs and pools that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Still wondering if hot tubs are safe for kids? Please give us a call — our service technicians would be more than happy to speak with you and give you more information on hot tub health precautions & warnings.