7 Important Facts About The Size and Shape Of Your New Pool

As the temperatures in the Pacific Northwest continue to rise each summer, it only makes sense that homeowners are looking for the perfect pool to help their families stay cool. If you are considering installing a pool for next summer, now is the perfect time to get serious about planning. As your local Washington full-service manufacturer, the team at Aqua Spas and Pools is here to give you advice on choosing the best size, shape and style of pool that you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years to come.

Choosing the Right Pool Size and Shape for Your Needs

One of the most common questions homeowners ask when considering installing a pool on their property is, “What size should our pool be?” This is the best place to start your planning because once your pool is in the ground, there’s no way to stretch, pull or shrink it into a different shape.

7 Questions to Consider Before Installing a Swimming Pool


1. Who will be the main users and how often will they swim?

If you have a smaller family, going big is not always the best option. If you have young children, they will be happy to get in the water, no matter if your pool is 25′ or 35′. So choose a pool size that will work well for your family and your current landscaping.

2. Do you want to swim laps?

If you truly want to use your pool for swimming laps, a longer pool is necessary. However, tether systems can be set up to turn any pool into a basic lap pool.

3. Do you want a patio? What will you place there?

If you have visions of grilling out on the weekends around the pool, you’ll also need to plan and size your patio space.

4. Is there space for other activities in the yard?

Consider the setbacks that the size of your pool could have on your house and property lines. Once your pool is installed will you still have room for your landscaping, a trampoline or outdoor seating?

5. Do you plan on entertaining?

If your pool is strictly for family use, a smaller shape and design will work just fine. But if you plan on entertaining friends and family around the pool, a bigger size and shape may work better.

6. Do you have a permit for that?

Before you can break ground and jump in the water, you’ll need the necessary permits from your county or city building department.

7. Will your needs change in the next few years?

If you plan on growing your family or sending the kids off to college within the next few years, these events can change how you use your pool.

Pool Shape: All About the Materials



When designing on a budget, you may find that fiberglass pools are great for creating an interesting shape in a smaller size. While designs are limited, these pools are easy to install and affordable.


Vinyl is another great option that usually comes available in rectangular, L-shapes and some freeform options. While more limited than concrete, it may be a good fit those looking for a more traditional shape.


Concrete materials allow homeowners to go bigger and bolder with size and shape options but can also be more costly. Any size or shape is possible with concrete!

Start Designing Your Pool Today

Before you decide on which type of pool you want, it’s always best to consult with one of our experienced and knowledgeable pool designers to find the right option to fit your needs. For more information on our full-service spa and pool services or to set up a consultation, visit Aqua Spas and Pools online today.