A Guide to Maintaining Pool Covers and Minor Pool Cover Repair

Pool covers are a necessity for homeowners looking to protect their swimming pool investment. Time, the weather, and other external factors can cause pool covers to become damaged. While it is best to consult a qualified pool company for any severe damage, you can try performing smaller repairs using the tips we have outlined later in the article.

Why Pool Covers are Necessary

Pool covers serve to keep debris like leaves and tree limbs out of the water when not in use. They also serve as protection against snow in colder parts of the country. Covering your pool can result in significant energy savings, by keeping water from evaporating so quickly and reducing the costs of heating your pool. Keeping your pool covered during the summer also means less cleaning and maintenance before using it again the next day.

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Covering your pool can be done by simply placing a sheet of plastic over the water. Homeowners looking for a more durable option usually choose from the following pool cover types.

  1. Tarp-like Covers Most winter covers are comprised of this material and can resemble the surface of a trampoline. They usually last one to three seasons before needing replacement and require a pump to keep water build-up off the surface.
  2. Security Covers — You can find them made from mesh or sturdy vinyl material. Mesh covers can support heavy weight, including piles of snow. Solid materials keep water from passing through, leaving you with clear water when you take it off in the spring.

Some people invest in an automatic cover that slides in and out with the push of a button. They are great for homeowners who want to keep their pool water warm and prevent unauthorized access.

Caring for Pool Covers

Here are a few ways you can keep your pool cover in good shape and help avoid significant damage.

  1. Remove debris or standing water periodically — The weight of surface water or leaves can add up and cause your cover to rip or tear.
  2. Check your water level — Make sure it does not exceed the mid-skimmer level to avoid flooding the pump system and straining the cover.
  3. Check you reel components — Spray them with a Teflon-based lubricant each season to keep everything running smoothly and preventing wear and tear.
  4. Look for rips and tears — Make sure there are not any holes threatening the integrity of your pool cover.
  5. Clear off any mold — Spray the cover with diluted bleach, then rinse it off with a water hose. Make sure your cover is dry before storing it for the season to prevent new mold growth.

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Repairing Pool Covers

Pool covers, especially automatic ones, can be expensive to replace. Knowing how to do a quick patch repair can help save you some money in the short-term. As we mentioned earlier, any severe damage should be evaluated by a professional.

You can buy patches explicitly designed for mesh or solid pool covers if you end up with a puncture or tear. They should be applied to both sides of the damaged pool cover area to prevent the damage from spreading.

Other options include pool cover repair tape, like duct tape or a vinyl adhesive patch, for a short-term fix. That could be a quick fox if your winter pool cover ripped until you can get a professional to assess the damage. These options should only be used when the tear or puncture is smaller than 3” x 12”.


  • Pool covers can save on energy costs and lessen the amount of maintenance needed to keep pool water clean
  • You can choose either a mesh or solid cover to protect your pool
  • The top of a pool cover should be cleaned periodically to avoid damage from excess water and debris
  • You can use patches designed for mesh and solid covers to repair minor damage to a cover
  • Pool cover tape can also be an option for quick repairs
  • It is best to call in a professional when the damage exceeds a certain size

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