How to Prepare Your Spa For Autumn

Crisp autumn days and nights are often most enjoyable when you are submerged in a warm and inviting spa. Of course, your experience will be even more pleasurable when you take time to properly clean and maintain your hot tub before opening it each season. This hot tub maintenance checklist outlines a basic care and … Continued

Spotlight on the American Whirlpool 400 Series

      With all of the available options from American Whirlpool, it’s always a great idea to get more information before choosing one. To help with that, we have highlighted six of our most popular spa models from the 400 series. These tubs include strategically placed water jets, substructures and pumps to help relieve … Continued

So You Want To Build A Swimming Pool – Part 2

      In our first installment, we discussed some of the planning stages of the swimming pool construction process. These included considering the desired use of the pool, the type of pool, and which contractor to choose to do the work. Now, it’s time to think about the specifics of the design of the … Continued

So You Want To Build A Swimming Pool

  If you have decided to add a swimming pool to your property, there are several things to consider before you pull the trigger. Thinking about these things prior to putting in a pool will ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the final result. So if you’re ready to start, but also want to make … Continued

The Benefits of Swimming Every Day

    When you think of swimming, you may think of children playing in the summer sun or pool parties with neighbors. While pools are perfect for entertainment, they also can provide many health benefits when used on a daily basis. Water functions as one of the best exercise apparatuses you can find, for young … Continued

How A Pool Can Increase Your Home’s Value

    After reading some scary stories online, you likely wonder if they’re right: does a swimming pool devalue a house? The truth is that it depends on quite a few factors, like the location of the house, the type of pool, and the prospective buyers. However, in most situations, a pool does increase the … Continued

5 Reasons Why Fiberglass Pools Are the Best Option in 2019

Swimming pools come in numerous shapes and sizes, but the first thing to decide is what type of construction material to use. When comparing pool surfaces, the three main types of in-ground pools are concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass. Each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, but after comparing the fiberglass pools pros and cons, you’ll … Continued

Get Inside the American Whirlpool 100 Series Hot Tub

Our outdoor hot tubs make it easy to turn your backyard into a spa-like vacation spot. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to accommodate a couple in a cozy setting or entertain a whole crowd. Whatever you’re looking for in a hot tub, you’ll find it here. American … Continued