Adding a Fireplace to Your Home

If you’re interested in exploring your options for fireplaces, please contact Aqua Spas and Pools. We offer wood, gas and pellet fireplaces by Enviro in Gig Harbor.


Type of Fireplaces

When you’re looking for a way to insert heat into your home, you’ll find a few different types of fireplaces to choose from. Enviro wood, gas and pellet fireplaces each offer certain benefits to consider before deciding which type is best for your home. Keep the following in mind while comparing these different fireplace designs.


Wood Fireplace Installation

Wood fireplaces use wood logs to heat rooms. Installing a wood burning fireplace provides the following benefits:

  • Natural rustic ambiance: Wood-burning fireplaces create a cozy environment with a crackling fire.
  • Reliable heat: Wood fireplaces can still be used even if you lose power, as long as you have plenty of firewood available.
  • Wood options: Different types of wood can be used for wood-burning fireplaces, including wood from your own backyard. You can also choose from different types of firewood at stores, such as fast-burning logs, slow-burning ones or scented ones.

Gas Fireplace Installation

Gas fireplaces use natural gas to produce heat. This type of fireplace offers the following benefits:

  • Convenience: When you have a gas fireplace, you only need to flip a switch to turn it on and off, making it easy to use.
  • Steady heat: This type of fireplace provides you with a steady heat supply the entire time you have it on, since it is connected to your home’s gas line.
  • Low-maintenance: Gas fireplaces typically require less maintenance than other types of fireplaces, since there is no buildup of creosote or soot to worry about.

Pellet Fireplace Installation

Pellet fireplaces involve the use of pellets made of compressed wood or other materials. These fireplaces offer the following benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly: Pellet fireplaces provide a clean burn for those looking for a more eco-friendly fireplace option.
  • Easy to use: Pellet fireplaces can be turned and off as often as needed, since they run on electricity.
  • Cost-effective: Pellet fireplaces typically cost less than other types of fireplaces, and the pellets needed to use them are also inexpensive.

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