Get Inside the American Whirlpool 100 Series Hot Tub

American Whirlpool tubs

Our outdoor hot tubs make it easy to turn your backyard into a spa-like vacation spot. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to accommodate a couple in a cozy setting or entertain a whole crowd. Whatever you’re looking for in a hot tub, you’ll find it here.

American Whirlpool tubs provide water jets that aim at common pain points. This provides a relieving massage to those who need to relax sore muscles and joints.

To help you decide on a model, we are highlighting four of our most popular options: The 100 Series’ models 100, 151, 160 and 171.

The 100 Model

This round tub seats up to four people. Its interior comes in a variety of marble and sand shades, and you also get a choice of color for the exterior. It holds 200 gallons of water and is three feet deep. The exterior housing is square.

The 151 Model

Up to three people can enjoy this whirlpool hot tub, which features seats that are more structured than those of the 100. It holds 192 gallons of water and is 30″ deep. It also includes a waterfall feature for extra relaxation.

The 160 Model

Seat up to four people at the corners of this tub, which has an interior in the form of a rounded square. It is 35″ deep and holds 229 gallons of water. A treated wood frame makes it look great in the yard.

The 171 Model

Entertain five or six people in this big whirlpool spa. Each jet area has a unique configuration, so users can choose the seat that offers the one they like the best. A total of 40 jets ensures plenty of water circulation for all.

American standard whirlpool tub

Features Common to These Whirlpool Models

We consider certain features to be so essential to our American Whirlpool tubs that we have made them standard. These include pumps appropriate for the tub size, an internal electrical system powerful enough for the job, a treated wood frame, DuraMAAX cabinetry, a sealed base, insulation, protection against freezing and overheating, a lounge, jets, programmable filter cycles, underwater lighting, and dynamic LED lighting.

Other Features and Options

Some of these models include a waterfall feature. This soothing addition adds some ambiance to your soak and helps to keep the water moving. An optional CleanZone system can be added to help keep the water fresh, as well.

The CleanZone System is worthy of special mention. It uses a special door to break water surface tension, a basket to catch large debris, and two filters to remove oil and fine particulates. The final filter is oversized in order to permit high flow.

Our Northern Exposure insulation system is also important. Unlike most insulation, which simply slows the loss of heat, the Northern Exposure reflects it back into the tub. This directly lowers the costs associated with heating the water. Winter usage is therefore much less expensive than it otherwise could be.

We offer a huge variety of models, with different seating types and options to go with them. Some of them have steel housing. This type of housing doesn’t expand or contract, so it holds its finish longer than the wood options. However, some people prefer the look of real wood. The models on this page are perfect if you’re interested in that look.

Whirlpool spa


  • You can get an American standard whirlpool tub in many sizes and configurations.
  • Several choices of interior and exterior color let you customize the looks of your hot tub.
  • Stainless steel jets, insulation, pumps, and more are all standard on the featured models.
  • American Whirlpool jets are set up to provide help with sore joints and muscles.

To learn more about an American Whirlpool spa, just contact one of our outlets. We’ll be glad to help you choose the perfect one.

Images from American Whirlpool