Here Are The Top Selling Hot Tub Care Products for 2018

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Hot tubs may seem like such an enjoyable experience, they don’t need anything added to them. However, they are not really standalone entities. You can use a wide variety of accessories to get the most out of your hot tub, reduce the amount of maintenance work needed, or just add ambiance. Here are some of the top-selling hot tub products customers buy from us after using our hot tub builder services, and how they can improve your spa experience:

For the Hot Tub

These accessories can be permanently installed in or near the hot tub or used to maintain it. They upgrade your home spa experience, keeping the water clean and your hot tub looking flawless.

Lighting – Decor lights are typically installed in hot tubs like they are in pools. They allow you to soak during dark hours in peace and comfort, and also mitigate safety concerns at night. These lights can be plain white, but your hot tub supply store should also have colored lenses that you can use to add some “atmosphere” to the effect.

Oil-Absorbing Sponges – Without intervention, the surface of hot tub water will eventually become oily. The oil comes from your body, products that you’re wearing, and the hot tub’s own machinery. Oil-absorbing sponges can prevent this build-up on the water’s surface. Just float one or two on the water, and they’ll suck up the oils.

Covers and Cover Lifters – Covers are a hot tub necessity. They help keep fallen leaves, bugs, and other debris out of your hot tub when you’re not using it. If your tub is large, a cover lifter makes it much easier to handle the needed amount of material.

Water Testing Kits – As with swimming pools, the right levels of chemicals and pH are essential for keeping your tub in a safe and algae-free state. Testing kits eliminate guesswork and allow you to avoid surprise problems in your water. Water testing kits are some of the most popular hot tub care products, because keeping your water levels under control is necessary for a functioning and long-lasting hot tub.

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For the Users

All of these accessories will add some comfort or fun to your hot tub experience.

Waterproof Speakers – Listening to music while soaking is wonderful, but if regular speakers get wet, the experience quickly sours. Waterproof speakers eliminate the worry of equipment destruction or electric shocks while playing tunes by your tub.

Spa Pillows – These pillows let you take relaxation to the next level. Their waterproof coverings prevent sogginess, mold, and other such problems.

Inflatables – Many everyday items are made in inflatable versions for pools and spas. For the hot tub, floating games and cup holders are especially popular. If your tub is big enough, you may want an inflatable chair as well.

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Many more items exist to help you customize your hot tub experience, so there is no need to stick to just the top sellers. Once you have all of the basics that you need, look for things that will further satisfy your own personal style. Then, you’ll be able to gain the full satisfaction that you expect from your home spa environment.


  • Hot tub accessories enhance your experience and make maintenance easier.
  • Products made for users tend to make your spa more fun or relaxing.
  • Lighting and waterproof speakers are some of the top fun upgrades for a hot tub

These are just some of the hot tub items that are ongoing top sellers. Come into our store in Gig Harbor, WA to see our full line of accessories. Whether you need basic maintenance items or want to pump up your spa experience with some fun things, we have what you need here at Aqua Spas and Pools. We are also a hot tub dealer, so if you need a new unit, be sure to ask us!