How To Choose The Right Spa For Your Family

family hot tubs

Many hot tub seekers choose models based solely on how well they soothe aching muscles, but the best hot tubs spas can also provide the perfect place for fun family activities. Families often spend lots of time in the same house but don’t always spend quality time together. Installing a hot tub suitable for the whole family lets you spend time together while enjoying warm, soothing bubbles. Plus, families who can’t afford a pool, often find a family hot tub offers a more affordable alternative. Here are some helpful tips on choosing a hot tub your whole family will enjoy.

Choose the Right Size

The best outdoor hot tubs for families must be large enough for everyone to comfortably fit. A good rule of thumb to ensure there’s enough room is factoring in 100-gallons per person in your household. While a two-person hot tub is great for individuals or couples, look for units large enough for at least six people to comfortably fit a family of four. For larger families, compare models that seat up to eight.

family hot tubs

Find the Safest Model

While the best spas hot tubs offer a fun place for you and your children to relax, it’s important you choose a model that ensures the safety of all your family members. Never leave children unattended, talk to them about spa safety and choose a model with key safety features.

Most types of hot tubs come with covers, but not all covers have a lock. Covers are essential for saving energy and keeping your tub debris-free, but they’re also the strongest line of defense for keeping children away from your tub unsupervised. Buy a hot tub that either comes with a locking cover or has one available to add to your purchase.

Children are much more sensitive to heat than adults. Purchase a hot tub that allows a wide range of temperature settings. Modern tubs won’t heat above 104 degrees, but this temperature is too high for children, who overheat more easily than adults. Lower the temperature to 95-98 degrees when children are using the tub. Double-check the water temperature with a thermometer to ensure it’s down to the appropriate range.

Infants should never be in a hot tub at any temperature because their thin skin leaves them too susceptible to overheating. Younger children should also never fully immerse their bodies. Consider models with jump seats that only allow immersion to the waist.

Finally, drains are the leading cause of accidental drownings in hot tubs, so pick a model with safe drain covers. These covers prevent hair from getting sucked into the drain and pulling faces underwater.

family hot tubs

Maintenance Issues

The best hot tubs offer ease of maintenance and ensure your hot tub stays fun and doesn’t turn into one more cleaning chore. Look for features that make cleaning and sanitizing your hot tub easier. Use a spa maintenance service to make cleaning even easier. Schedule routine maintenance on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis, depending on your needs.

Consider Price

The most important piece of information for most, remember to compare features and price. Two to four-person models usually have mid-level price tags, but may be too small. Larger six to 10-person spas cost more, but you can lower your price by avoiding specialized models and high-end materials. Also, the more jets and features you add, the higher the cost.

When purchasing the best hot tub for your family, cut down on expensive styles that have gadgets like Bluetooth stereo systems, and concentrate on:

  • A size large enough for your family.
  • Key child safety features like locking tops, drain covers and jump seats.
  • Adjustable temperature settings to prevent overheating.
  • Features promoting ease of cleaning.

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