How to Ensure Family Pool Fun

Family Pool Fun

As the weather heats up, cooling off in your swimming pool is a fantastic pastime. But, swimming around in circles can get tiresome. To keep boredom at bay and generate some family pool fun, try some pool party games the whole family will enjoy. Whether you’re in the game or watching from the sidelines, these family pool games and kid friendly activities are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Family Pool Fun

Pool Fun for Kids & the Whole Family

Almost everyone loves watermelon on a sizzling summer day, but it can also provide hours of fun in the family pool. Grease up a watermelon with some vegetable oil or petroleum jelly. Once it’s nice and slippery, throw it in the pool for one of the simplest pool party games for kids. It’s called Watermelon Relay and the goal is to try to push the melon from one end of the pool to the other. Sounds easy, but it’s more challenging than you think and entertaining for the whole family. Anyone on the sidelines is guaranteed to be in stitches watching the kids chase that slippery melon around the pool.

Team Watermelon

If your clan is more into team sports, put your greased watermelon to use in a match of Watermelon Polo. Split everyone playing into two teams, then push, kick or swim with the slippery melon while trying to reach the opposing team’s goal line. No throwing or tossing the watermelon is allowed. That would be cheating! To ensure everyone follows the rules and points are scored appropriately, elect mom, dad or the grandparents to referee, if they haven’t joined a team themselves. You’ll be surprised just how much fun in the pool you’ll have with a single piece of fruit!

Family Pool Fun

Learning Games

Make your family pool party both fun and educational. Round up all the younger kids still learning their numbers and set up a game of  Number Basketball. All you need are a couple of pool noodles, foam numbers and duct tape. Attach the two noodles together with duct tape to create a giant foam basketball hoop. Make it a simple game of counting up by having the kids take turns throwing the numbers zero through nine into the hoop in order. Each player scores points for each number they get right in a row and more points for hitting the hoop. The highest score wins! Graduate to harder numbers by writing numbers 11-30 on foam or plastic balls with a permanent marker.

Nighttime Fun

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the family pool party has to stop. It’s actually a great time for a Glowing Treasure Hunt. Kids love glow sticks, which you can find cheap at dollar stores. Best of all, they glow just as well underwater. Toss a bunch in and see who can retrieve the most illuminated sticks. Make it more challenging by adding a variety of rings, bracelets and necklaces. Have the smaller pieces of illuminated jewelry worth more points than the larger ones. Improvise and create your own unique treasure hunt!

When you’re looking for fun pool party games for kids, get the whole family having fun by the poolside with:

  1. Slippery Watermelon Relays that will make everyone laugh.
  2. Watermelon Polo matches that pit one team against another.
  3. Learning games that offer fun times with number play.
  4. Treasure hunts that put a glowing smile on everyone’s face.

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