How to Prevent Your Hot Tub Cover from Smelling Bad

How to clean a hot tub cover

“Why does my hot tub smell?” This is a question we get a lot. Having a hot tub in your home can help to improve your overall well-being and offer you numerous health benefits. However, to enjoy these benefits, you will have to ensure that your hot tub is kept clean and well-maintained at all times. A hot tub cover that smells bad will not only undermine the comfort you enjoy while in the tub but can also embarrass you when visitors come over. If you are to learn how to clean a hot tub cover, you should start by familiarizing yourself with how they become smelly.

How do Hot Tub Covers Become Smelly?

To remedy the situation when strange odors are coming from your hot tub, you should understand where hot tub cover smells originate from. While there are many reasons, here are some of the most common:

Old, Damaged or Broken Cover

An old, damaged or broken hot tub cover is likely to have worn spots, cracked foam cores and torn seams. Such a cover may begin to puddle water, leading to strange odors.

Not Removed Regularly

Most hot tub covers should be removed regularly and allowed to air. This exercise allows moisture to escape, keeping the cover fresh and in good condition. Failure to remove the hot tub cover regularly may result in the growth of mildew and mold in your hot tub.

How to clean mold off of a hot tub cover

Poor Quality Cover

A good hot tub cover will be made in such a way that it prevents moisture from reaching the foam core. By keeping moisture out, the cover keeps the foam core from being damaged and helps to avoid unpleasant smells. This means that a poor quality cover may become smelly over time.

Dirty Hot Tub Cover

This is perhaps the most common reason why hot tub covers become smelly. If the cover is not cleaned and maintained regularly, it will be affected by dirt, dust, rain, pollen, pollution and other elements. When it becomes waterlogged, dark and smelly, slime will grow.

Poor Water Chemistry

Even the best hot tub covers can’t overcome poor water chemistry. Not using sanitizer and filtering regularly to maintain spa water can lead to bacteria and algae flourishment. The cover can absorb such chemistry, resulting in a smelly spa cover.

How to Prevent Hot Tub Covers from Becoming Smelly

Considering the reasons why hot tub covers become smelly, here is how you can prevent or fix the problem.

Make Sure Water is Balanced and Sanitized

Since bacteria and algae in the spa water can make the water unsafe and create odors, you should ensure that your water is balanced and sanitized. It is important to get the right products to protect yourself as well as the hot tub cover.

Remove and Clean the Hot Tub Cover

Even before slime starts to grow, you should form a habit of removing and cleaning your hot tub cover regularly. You should also learn how to clean mold off of a hot tub cover to remove any slime effectively. This will help to avoid more serious problems in the future.

How to clean mildew off of a hot tub cover

Replace the Cover

Besides being conversant with how to clean mildew off of a hot tub cover, you should know when to replace the cover. Your cover will need to be replaced if it is old, damaged or broken. It would be important to have it replaced before the cover becomes smelly.

Be Aware of Debris

Low-hanging branches can break off and puncture your hot tub cover. At the same time, debris that collects on the cover can cause it to lose shape and cave in. It is important to not only remove the debris but also use a hot tub cover cleaner to remove any dirt and dust that accumulate on the surface.


  • Your hot tub cover can develop strange odors
  • There are several common reasons why your hot tub cover may become smelly
  • Proper hot tub care and maintenance can prevent a smelly cover
  • If your hot tub smells musty, use professionals to restore it back to its original glory

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