Indoor vs. Outdoor Hot Tub: Which One is Right for Me?

A private hot tub lets you enjoy luxurious soaks on demand, and makes your home feel like a vacation resort. There is no question as to whether you should invest in one, the only question is where it should go: indoor or outdoor? There are pros and cons to each location, but which is best for you depends on your preferences and how much value you put on each aspect. Here are some of the top things to consider when choosing between an outdoor or indoor hot tub.

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Privacy and security could potentially be a concern with outdoor locations. This is often easily remedied. If you desire more privacy, you can add a tall structure, like an outdoor fireplace or fence, surrounding your hot tub. 

Finally, walking to your hot tub during the winter months may be a chilly experience. However, many would argue that bundling up in towels is worth it. Imagine sitting in your hot tub with your loved one and a cup of cocoa as the snow falls around you. A magical experience like that seems worth a short walk in the cold! 

 Indoor portable hot tub, small indoor hot tubs, jacuzzi tub, best hot tubs

An Indoor Hot Tub


There are several pros to small indoor hot tubs. You’ll be able to soak in the dead of winter without having to walk outside, preventing you from exposure to subzero temperatures. This is a big bonus here in Washington State!

Privacy and security are also easier with indoor hot tubs. All you need to do for both is have the tub installed in a lockable room. Then, lock the door whenever you need the area to be either secure or private. This is an especially good thing if you have pets or children.


There are a few cons to an indoor hot tub. One of the main ones is that it will release its chlorine scent whenever you have the cover off. Some people don’t appreciate having the house smell like chlorine. That said, some do like that scent specifically because it reminds them of vacations and motels.

The other con is that in most homes, the amount of space available for a hot tub is limited. This makes it so that they could have a bigger one if they put it outside. An indoor hot tub typically also requires an addition onto your house and/or extra ventilation, since most homes aren’t perfectly suited for an indoor spa. This is why an outdoor hot tub typically ends up being less expensive for customers.


  • Outdoor hot tubs are subject to the weather, but are often larger than indoor hot tubs and provide a great view
  • Outdoor versions may lack privacy, but this can easily be corrected in most cases by adding a fence, planting trees, etc.
  • Indoor hot tubs are easy to secure, but can require expensive home additions or construction
  • Indoor tubs are easy to access, but release a chlorine scent into the house

To see plenty of options for both indoor and outdoor relaxation, stop by our store in Gig Harbor and talk with an expert.  We can discuss all of the options available and provide suggestions based on your individual needs! We offer spas from American Whirlpool, which are the best hot tubs for residential installation. Call us today to get started on your luxury experience!