We offer FREE water analysis for our loyal customers who purchase their chemicals from us! We want to help make your water care easy. To assist us in that goal, we have a test lab that uses medical grade colorimeter scanning equipment in conjunction with BioGuard’s ALEX software which provides easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to balance and sanitize your water. Whether you have a swimming pool, hot tub or spa, we can make water care EASY!

In order to get your water tested:

  • We will need a minimum of one pint of water in a clean container. Take your sample away from skimmers and returns from elbow deep water. (Or if you are bringing us a sample of your source water, please make sure to let your hose run for a while to clear out any stale water that may have been sitting in the hose.)
  • A fresh sample is best. If it has been sitting in your hot car for hours, chemistry can change! Remember WATER is a dynamic substance!
  • We will need to know how many gallons your pool or spa holds (if you don’t know how many gallons in your pool, bring the dimensions and we can figure it out for you).
  • We will need to know what chemical sanitation system you will be using. If you don’t know, we’re happy to go over your options with you.

Please Note:
Our Water Analysis is a FREE service for customers who purchase their chemicals from us. If you are not buying your chemicals from our store and wish to buy them elsewhere, we are still more than happy to test your water for you! However, we will charge $19.95 for our water analysis service to cover the costs of our employee’s time, expertise, software/hardware, and the reagents used. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the service for free to those who choose to buy their chemicals from another source.