Special Price – $89,000

Regularly $96,500, this Special Price includes standard installation, excavation, G2 color options, Manufacture Limited LifetimeWarranty, variable speed pump, sand filter, gas heater, LED pool Light, two skimmers, approximately 3ft of concrete pool decking in sand finish, plumbing and electrical from pool to equipment pad (within 30ft), backfill, and shipping of swimming pool from manufacturer to jobsite. Price based on easy site access, and 1-Day dig. Permits, sales tax, automatic safety cover, extensive site prep and soil removal are not included.

Aqua Spas & Pools Milan pool dimensions - width 10 feet, length 16 feet, depth 4 feetNot valid with any other offers or promotions. Contract must be signed by 7-31-24., and pool installed by 12-31-2024. Limited time only, so contact us today!