So You Want To Build A Swimming Pool

How to build a swimming pool with bricks, how to build a concrete swimming pool, how to build a cheap swimming pool, build your own above ground pool


If you have decided to add a swimming pool to your property, there are several things to consider before you pull the trigger. Thinking about these things prior to putting in a pool will ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the final result. So if you’re ready to start, but also want to make sure you cover all your bases, we’ve got the top considerations here.


There are many things to plan when deciding on the form your pool should take. The most obvious is size. Do you have room for a large pool, a small one, or perhaps just a lap pool? Planning the size of the pool, in most cases, will dictate where in your yard you want to have it. Be sure to consider trees or other items that may block the sun from the pool area. Also keep in mind that the closer the pool is to the main residence, the more the pool will typically be used.


How to build a swimming pool with bricks, how to build a concrete swimming pool, how to build a cheap swimming pool, build your own above ground pool


What do you want to use the pool for? Are you looking for a party spot or a place for your kids to play? Will you mostly use it to exercise, or are you planning to sell your house and trying to increase its value? Answering these questions can help you determine what size you want your pool to be, as well as where it should go in your yard.

Now, think of the type of pool you want. Some common options include plaster/gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl. Each has unique benefits for cleaning, installation, and longevity.


Choose Your Contractor

Building a swimming pool is not as easy as it may seem. You can’t just search for “how to build a concrete swimming pool” or “how to build a swimming pool with bricks” and do it all yourself. Moreover, you are going to need serious earth-moving equipment to dig the hole, extensive knowledge about how hydraulics work, engineering knowledge so you can figure out how to structurally support your pool, plumbing skills, and more. You’d also need to consider all of the safety implications that surround building a pool. The details of how to build your own above ground pool are just as complicated, but in that case, you have to worry about it collapsing downwards instead of popping up out of the ground.

As you can see, it’s much better to hire a highly-experienced pool company for this large and detailed of a project. This doesn’t just save you the logistics of moving that amount of soil – it ensures that a qualified engineer is involved in the process from the start. It also gives you the protection of their insurance in case something still goes wrong.

When looking for a pool installer, resist the urge to go with the lowest bid. There is no answer to “how to build a cheap swimming pool” that brings a long-lasting and safe result. Instead, look for a company that has been building pools for decades vs. years or months. Go online and visit their website and read their reviews. A reputable pool builder will also be able to provide you with references. Make sure the pool builder visits your site before giving you a quote. This ensures that there will be no unexpected site-related cost increases, and that corners won’t be cut to try to fit a project into an unrealistically-low bid.


How to build a swimming pool with bricks, how to build a concrete swimming pool, how to build a cheap swimming pool, build your own above ground pool


Anticipate Pool-Opening Day

Once a pool is installed, you typically will need to wait a few days before you can jump in. That’s because pool chemicals need time to equalize when a new pool is installed. This is a great time to take care of peripheral accouterments like landscaping, lawn furniture, a fence, and any other related pool procedures.

After everything’s ready, it’s time to enjoy the pool. Whether you invite enough people to fill it up, or simply enjoy a few solitary laps, you’ll love your new swimming pool!


  • Plan your pool long before the swimming season starts! Start the summer or winter before you want your pool to be put in – well-respected pool builders schedules fill up fast. Be sure to engage them early to ensure your project can be completed by the start of the swimming season.
  • Consider things like size, planned use, and whether you want the pool in-ground or above-ground.
  • Choose a highly-qualified contractor (like Aqua Spas and Pools, which has over 40 years of pool building experience and has been given 5-star reviews from their customers)
  • Get ready to swim.

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