Soak in The Good Times with American Whirlpool

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Here at Aqua Spas and Pools, we offer many options for your soaking pleasure. One of our excellent hot tub suppliers is American Whirlpool, which makes several models to meet your needs, desires and budget for the ultimate spa experience. Today, we will highlight a few popular American Whirlpool options from the 100 Series, 200 Series and 400 Luxury Series. 


The 160 is one of the American Whirlpool 100 Series’ Plug N Play spas. It’s a four-person spa that offers a corner massage seat and continuous bench all the way around the spa.  American Whirlpool 160


The 250 is one of the American Whirlpool 200 Series’ Smaller 4 Person Spas. It’s one of just a few rectangular-shaped spas offered. Twenty-three jets are spread across four spacious seats, including two corner massage seats. American Whirlpool 250


The 261 is one of the American Whirlpool 200 Series’ Smaller Corner Fit Spas. It seats up to three people with one seat being a full lounge, complete with calf and foot jets. American Whirlpool 261


The 460 is one of the American Whirlpool 400 Series’ Smaller 4 Person Spas. It offers a number of seating options for up to four people. A bench seat offers two massages for the back, and two corner seats offer Comfort Collars® to address the neck and shoulders. American Whirlpool 460 


Just like the American Whirlpool 460 the 461 spa is part of the 400 Series’ Smaller Patio Spas. It features the rejuvenation of full body immersion and a variety of seating. The layout includes barrier free seating, deeper Zone Therapy® seating and a lounge to accommodate in size. American Whirlpool 461


The 471 is one of the American Whirlpool 400 Series’ Most Popular 6 Person Spa. It offers a single performance lounge with a Foot Relief Zone™ Two bucket seats with specially designed Comfort Collar® and Zone Therapy® features. This popular size is perfect for families.  American Whirlpool 471

American Whirlpool Innovation

  • Physician designed Zone Therapy®. Zone Therapy® utilizes strategically positioned jets to target specific pain zones that contain muscular trigger points. More jets don’t necessarily mean a more effective massage.
  • Performance Seating™ means AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® has the most comfortable hot tubs in the industry. Each seat is designed to provide full body immersion and proper posture.
  • Patented thermal barrier technology recycles the free heat energy for more efficient heating, and lower energy costs. All four sides of the hot tub, plus the floor and cover are lined with reflective copper material to reflect radiant heat energy generated from the pumps back into the hot tub. Heat is absorbed back into the plumbing, helping raise and maintain water temperature.
  • ABS Sealed Base is an integral part of the support structure in an AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® hot tub. Its one-piece construction provides a rugged foundation that seals the bottom of the hot tub, locking in heat and sealing out moisture.

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