Spotlight on the American Whirlpool 400 Series

With all of the available options from American Whirlpool, it’s always a great idea to get more information before choosing one. To help with that, we have highlighted six of our most popular spa models from the 400 series. These tubs include strategically placed water jets, substructures and pumps to help relieve pain and muscle tension.

The 451

This is the first of 400 Series American Whirlpool spa, and it accommodates up to three people. Twenty-nine jets propel 186 gallons of water at users and around the spa. Illuminated spa controls and drink holders make it easy to operate and enjoy the unit with no fear of setting your drinks in the wrong places.

The 461

Four people get to enjoy the 28 jets this model provides. A molded grab bar makes it easy to get in and out without slipping, and an underwater spa light provides both safety and atmosphere. Color choices for both the interior and exterior allow you to express yourself in a classy way. Of course, like all American Whirlpool hot tubs in this series, this spa also comes with standard features like stainless steel jets and the appropriate pumps.

The 470

When you need a big whirlpool for larger gatherings, consider the 470. It holds up to six people and provides 48 jets to keep the water moving. Programmable filter cycles make it easy to keep this hot tub clean and ready to go. Digital color optic lighting lets you bring in the party atmosphere with the flick of a switch.

The 472

Choose the 472 to bring relaxation and fun to five people. It has 47 jets, which is just one less than the 470, so all users will get a thorough massage. Standard stainless steel jets, a grab bar, and programmable filter cycles provide durability and safety. Illuminated cup holders and in-spa lighting create a vacation feel.

The 480

This six-person spa has an assortment of different water jet arrangements, so each seat offers a different massage. Your guests will have fun switching their positions and testing out the results! A steel sub-structure and DuraMAAX cabinetry ensure that it will hold up to frequent use and maintain its good looks. Two illuminated waterfalls enhance the experience, and a shiatsu massage seat lets one person take it up another level.

The 481

Another six-person option, the 481, has a slightly different seating arrangement than the 480. This setup allows two of the users to face each other while leaning back, as other users sit in the standard position. It also has the Aurora Cascade water feature, which is different from the standard waterfall.

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All American Whirlpool spas have water jets that are aimed to hit common areas of muscle tension. This allows them to bring about a level of relaxation that lesser options cannot.


Check out the American Whirlpool 400 series or many other hot tubs available by visiting our store in Gig Harbor. We also offer American Whirlpool parts and accessories, so you won’t have any trouble upgrading your spa as you desire or getting an existing one back to its best.


If you have any questions or would like a quote on one of the 400 Series hot tubs or any of the other models please contact us or stop by our store today.  We will be happy to explain more of the wonderful features in detail and get you into the spa of your dreams!