Tips To Make Your Pool Dog Friendly

dog friendly pools

During warm, sunny days, a cool pool can be a delightful treat for your canine companion. Still, as fun as a pool is, it can also be dangerous. Not only can dogs do damage to some types of pools, but they may not be able to safely navigate your pool. There are some things you can do now to make it a safer, more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Know the Risks When Introducing Dogs to Pools

Pools can become dangerous if dogs aren’t able to get out of them. Many pools have been designed to allow humans ease of access. A dog who is unaccustomed to a pool could easily panic and not be able to find their way out. Dogs can tire quickly in water, especially if they aren’t a breed that is normally associated with swimming. Since they can’t use human ladders, they have to rely on being able to find the stairs quickly.

Make Sure Your Dog Knows How to Swim

dog friendly swimming pools

Your first step when introducing your dog to dog-friendly pools is to make sure your dog knows how to swim. Since not all dogs do this instinctively, you may need to acclimate your dog to the pool slowly. Make sure your dog knows where to get in and out of the pool.

Observe your dog whenever your dog is around the pool, as trouble can happen very quickly. As your dog becomes more used to the pool, accidents will become less likely.

Put a Fence Around Your Pool

It’s generally a good idea to have a fence around a pool if you have dogs or children. Even if your dogs understand how to use the pool, anything can happen if they are able to get into and out of it on their own. A fence around your pool will also serve to lower your insurance rates, as it lowers the risk associated with you owning a pool.

Consider Purchasing a Dog Pool Ladder

A dog pool ladder is an easier way for dogs to get out of the pool. If your dog falls into the pool, your dog may not think to go all the way to the side that has stairs. Placing dog pool ladders at intervals around the pool will ensure that your dog always has the option to get out.

protect pool liner from dog claws

Rinse Your Dog Off After Being in the Pool

Just like with humans, chlorine can be damaging to a dog’s fur and skin over time. It isn’t the best thing for a dog, but it also isn’t likely to be substantially harmful. You can mitigate much of the risk by rinsing off your dog after your dog gets out of the pool. (Ideally, you would also want to do this before they get in, to maintain the cleanliness of your pool’s water.)

Salt-cleaned pools are gentler both on dogs and humans. Many modern pools come with salt cleaning as an option rather than traditional chlorine.

Consider a Dog-Safe Pool Liner

Above ground pools aren’t always dog friendly swimming pools. It isn’t just because of the safety issue (they tend to be harder for dogs to get in and out of), but also because their liners can be ripped by a dog’s claws. To protect pool liner from dog claws, you can get an additional protective liner from a pool supplies store. You may also want to consider the installation of a fiberglass pool; fiberglass pools are very difficult for a dog to damage.

dog pool ladder

Key Takeaways

  • Pools are both great exercise and great entertainment for dogs, but you need to introduce them slowly.
  • Make sure your dog understands how to get in and out of the pool, and always supervise them.
  • Not all pools are suitable for dogs; dogs can damage pool liners, but rarely do damage to fiberglass pools.
  • You can upgrade your pools with protective liners and dog pool ladders to make them safer and more resilient.

Is it time for you to build a dog safe pool? Whether you’re just installing a pool now or want to renovate one you have, Aqua Spas and Pools has the answers. Contact Aqua Spas and Pools today for a consultation.