Ready to Do The Puyallup? The Ultimate Guide to The September 2017 Washington State Fair

The Ultimate Guide to The September 2017 Washington State Fair

As large as their state and as diverse as their interests, the people of Washington come together once a year for an unforgettable celebration. At the Washington State Fair, more than a million Washingtonians come together to have fun while getting in touch with state culture and history. Held in the town of Puyallup, this event features rides, shows, concerts, and all of the state’s most delicious cuisines. This year’s fair will be held from September 1st to the 24th, and will feature:

Rides to Remember at The Puyallup

The Washington State Fair 2017 will offer the opportunity to experience our state’s history and a thrilling ride all at once. Participants can brave the Classic Coaster, an attraction first unveiled in 1935 and still running safely today. This coaster shows you how previous generations of Washingtonians had fun and enjoyed the fair, connecting you with your state’s proud history.

The fair features a number of more modern coasters. These include the Rainer Rush, a ride traveling at 60 miles per hour and exerting a 5.8 g-force on your body, as well as the Extreme Scream, a tower launch that drops you 20 stories. There is also a carousel and other rides to appeal to participants with less extreme tastes.

The Ultimate Guide to The September 2017 Washington State Fair

Musical Marvels

The 2017 Washington State Fair offers a full sampling our state’s rich musical legacy. The event will feature a number of talented performers from countless different genres, including gospel, country, and “Hillbilly rock.” This year’s fair will also host a performance by Danny Vernon, a musician renowned for his uncanny Elvis impression. Thus, whether you seek to get in touch with the Evergreen State’s cultural history, experience different sound styles, or simply listen to good music, you can do it here.

Famous Foods & Delicious Drinks

The Evergreen State’s culinary legacy is every bit as rich as its history and musical scene, and this year’s fair lets you sample all of it. Whether you’re a fan of burgers, barbecue, scones, seafood, or elephant ears, you can consume them all here. You can also sample the Evergreen State’s famous craft beers, which will be on display along with other drinks at the Village Rooftop Bar and the End Zone Sports Bar. Food and beverage vendors come from across Washington, giving you the chance to experience our state’s great dining in all its forms.

The Ultimate Guide to The September 2017 Washington State Fair

Additional Attractions

As if music, food, history, and rollercoasters weren’t enough, the 2017 Washington State Fair will also feature:

  • A cattle show, goat show, petting farm, and other opportunities to see and touch the state’s many animals
  • Comedy routines and other shows performed by artists from across the state
  • A fine art show with original exhibits from local Washingtonian artists
  • A Fair Museum showcasing the long history of the Washington State Fair
  • Agricultural and horticultural displays to let you experience the many delicious foods grown in this state

The Washington State Fair gives citizens the chance to experience all their state has to offer. Whether you live in Seattle, Olympia, Canterwood, or the San Juan Islands, you’ll feel fully connected to all the people and culture of the Evergreen State.

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The Ultimate Guide to The September 2017 Washington State Fair


The Washington State Fair 2017 will offer:

  • Musical performances from a variety of genres
  • Thrilling rollercoasters, both old & new
  • All the state’s best foods and beverages
  • Countless chances to remember and experience state history
  • Animals, arts, and exhibits from across Washington
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The Ultimate Guide to The September 2017 Washington State Fair