Which Purging Product Is The Best Fit For Me?

Have you ever wondered which hot tub purge product is right for you? Aqua Spas & Pools has got you covered. Read on to find out the pros and cons of the best purging systems for your spa!


Total cleanse is a two-part system that eliminates any oils, grit or other stubborn substances, if your spa is fighting something gnarly then this is the cleanse for you! Step #1 is a purge, surface cleaner and can be a filter cleaner as well. Big things come in small packages! This purge weighs in at 2oz per container but can clean a 350-400 gallon spa twice or a 700 gallon spa one time. In 25-45 minutes, this gel will turn into a foam, the foam is what truly breaks down the oils and gritty substances.  This purge is compatible with any sanitizer, even biguanide systems such as Baqua Spa or BioGuard’s Softsoak.   


  • It is rated superior to other spa purge chemical products by the CBE (Center of Biofilm Engineering)
  • Used in conjunction with the Total Maintenance it will last 6 months of cleaner, clearer and softer water as well as the cleanest plumbing.
  • Instead of enzymes that attack the bacteria, this purge eliminates the bacteria completely to keep the biofilm from forming at all.
  • Eliminates chemical or unpleasant odors but will not affect the good bacteria on your person to keep from feeling the common dry and itchy feeling. 


  • Foam can be intense and overflow
  • Product only comes in 2oz jar 
  • For full effect of product, it is recommended to use both products for step #1 and #2


Natural Chemistry’s Spa Purge uses their SMARTZyme which is derived from natural sources such as botanicals. The enzymes are created to consume and break down organic pollutants to their carbon dioxide form and are specifically formulated for higher temperatures of water. This natural spa cleaner comes in a 1L bottle and for one treatment you use the entire contents and leave in your spa overnight. 


  • It is more of a natural system flush remedy to attack common problems like non-living organics built up in your spa causing odors and cloudiness.
  •    Instead of pushing contaminants out into the water the enzyme breaks the contaminants down before the spa is drained. 
  • You can use it in jetted tubs as well. 


  • The water temperature would need to be 95 degrees or higher for the purge to really take effect.
  • This is a one-time use product; you have to use the entire contents.
  • Since the enzymes need time to break down the contaminants it takes longer than other purging products.


SeaKlear’s System Flush “super cleans” the hidden pipes and jets in the plumbing system of your spa.  It removes oily residues quickly and easily up to 800 gallons of water! This flush can be done in as little as 15 minutes for a quick clean up or you can leave it to do its job overnight on low speed for a deep cleaning effect. Their secret formula will dissolve any sight of grime and build up even on the most well-maintained spas.


  • Quick and effective formula
  • Can be used on whirlpool bathtubs as well as spas up to 800 gallons
  • This flush consists of 16 fluid ounces and can potentially be used multiple times based on the gallonage of your spa. 
  • You get the bang for your buck; this purge will not break the bank.


  • Active ingredients are not obviously advertised  
  • Super cleans spa plumbing but may not prevent future buildup of oils and contaminants.
  • Recommends repeating system flush every 90-120 days.


BioGuard has a whole line of hot tub water products, with three main cleaners making up your perfect routine for draining your spa! Their system flush is an amazing first step, before draining your spa if you add the entire contents of the bottle, it will transform your spa’s plumbing into brand new condition. All 24 ounces of this product will work to remove unseen buildup of lotions, oils and other gunk resulting in better water quality and reducing odors.


  • By using this in conjunction with BioGuard’s Filter Cleaner and Off The Wall Surface Cleaner your spa will be back in pristine condition.
  • This system flush works with all spa sizes and sanitizer systems.
  • With this product you get the trusted BioGuard name attached with it, knowing that BioGuard is one of the highest quality brands of spa chemicals on the market.


  • To get the full effect of a clean spa Off the Wall Surface cleaner is an important second step.
  • Even with it having a larger quantity vs the SeaKlear System Flush, you must use the entire contents rather than half the bottle.
  • Less of a “natural” system flush as it does use chemicals to remove the unseen build up.


No matter which system flush you decide to use, they all have their pros and cons, at the end of the day, the real question is “which purge product best suits my needs?”. If you are just doing a routine maintenance, then one of the less aggressive flushes may be your perfect fit but if you have a specific concern that you are trying to address then you may be looking for an aggressive flush. Whichever system flush you choose it is important to remember that ALL of the choices above require you to take your filters out before you start purging your system.  It is important to follow all of the directions on the bottle to achieve the best possible outcome. 

If you need a spa system flush, come on down to Aqua Spas and Pools in Gig Harbor, our spa experts will help assist you in finding the best system flush for your needs! We also offer FREE water testing, if you bring in water from your hose then we will set you up from the system flush all the way through to your freshly filled spa, all you’ll have to do is jump right in and enjoy!