Why Purchasing a Hot Tub Cover Lifter is a Wise Investment

purchasing a hot tub cover lifter

A jacuzzi’s warm water and soothing jets are intended to help one relax, rejuvenate and restore. Often, individuals are tired and sore when they are ready to get in, and wrestling with a heavy traditional cover can be cumbersome. Those looking for a hot tub lift assist feature will enjoy the ease of folding back an automatic hot tub cover lifter that seamlessly attaches to the side of the unit. In addition to easing back strain—especially during solo soaks,— here are several additional hot tub cover lift benefits that make them must-have spa accessories and a very wise investment.

Keep Out Critters, Youngsters and Debris

It can be tempting to leave the top off of above-ground hot tubs after a soak, especially if one plans to return shortly. However, it only takes a few seconds for leaves or debris to blow into the unit, for a critter to come by and hop in, or even more detrimentally a child could decide to take a dip unsupervised. Fortunately, it only takes a few seconds and a gentle swing of the hot tub cover lifter to keep the hot tub covered from these ‘invaders.’ Many units are also able to be locked, which increases security while you’re at home and away. After all, both humans and many animals can easily take advantage of your absence to sneak in a soak.

purchasing a hot tub cover lifter

Easy Water Testing and Refilling

A hot tub lifter accessory makes it super easy to prop open the cover to get water samples from the unit for chemical management. Properly balanced hot tub water protects both users and the equipment making regular testing essential. Furthermore, when it’s time to add water or perform a full water change, the job can be done solo with ease thanks to the assistance of a hot tub lid lifter. The simplicity of opening the unit often helps homeowners feel more inclined to stay current on testing, because the lid cover is so easy to open and close.

Save Energy With Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Covers with lifter bars sit much more securely atop the tub than traditional covers. This allows them to not only keep debris out, but it helps ensure that the water temperatures are better maintained. Better heat retention means that the heating unit works less, which helps reduce hot tub-related expenses and can also help extend the life of the jacuzzi. These covers also make it possible to quickly close the unit, so it can reheat and come back to proper temperatures during entertaining and all-day soaking adventures.

Prevent Water Evaporation

As one of the world’s most valuable resources, it’s always wise to try and conserve water. A hot tub lifter cover makes it simple to keep the lid over the water to prevent excessive evaporation. Ideally, owners only need to add a little water after using it along with testing for chemical balance.

purchasing a hot tub cover lifter

Key Benefits of a Hot Tub Lift Assist Cover

Top hot tub cover lift benefits include:

  • Keeping out debris, animals, and preventing young children from entering unattended.
  • Solo soaks are simplified and safer with easy-opening hot tub lid lifters.
  • Testing for proper chemical balance and water levels without heavy duty lifting.
  • Utilizing less energy while enjoying continual water temperatures.
  • Preventing water evaporation.

Looking for Hot Tub Cover Lifts and Accessories?

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