Warranty Policy

The following is the warranty policy that we have established for manufacturer’s warranty.

1.  Aqua Spas & Pools will interface directly with the manufacturer on warranty issues on the customer’s behalf for any products purchased through Aqua Spas & Pools.

2.  Aqua Spas & Pools will only provide warranty coverage on parts and equipment that is purchased directly from them.  Parts and equipment purchased from other sources must be handled through the company the parts and/or equipment was purchased from.  Aqua Spas & Pools may be named as a warranty station for some manufacturers but this is so that they can perform warranty on the products they sell.  They are not obligated nor required by any manufacturer to provide warranty service for products they did not sell.

3.  The only manufacturer exception to this warranty policy is Pentair.  Aqua Spas & Pools, at their discretion, will perform warranty service for Pentair Products purchased elsewhere.  However, if the product is purchased from a source other than Aqua Spas & Pools, the consumer must interface with Pentair’s warranty processing center and a request must be generated through Pentair.  Please do not contact Aqua Spas & Pools directly unless you purchased the product from them!  Aqua Spas & Pools will not perform warranty service on Pentair products purchased elsewhere unless the request is generated through Pentair.  Please contact Pentair Warranty at 800-831-7133 to initiate a warranty claim for a product purchased from another source.  Please contact Aqua Spas & Pools directly if you purchased the product from them.

4.  The manufacturer makes the final determination on warranty (not Aqua Spas & Pools and not the consumer).  If, for any reason, the manufacturer determines that the part/equipment is not under warranty, the consumer is responsible for payment.  If this      matter is disputed by the consumer, the dispute will be between the manufacturer and the consumer directly.  There are occasions when Aqua Spas & Pools will disagree with the determination of the manufacturer and will advocate with vigor for the consumer (when the product was purchased through them).  However, ultimately, the manufacturer makes the final determination on all warranty matters.

5.  Aqua Spas & Pools can perform service on all makes and models of swimming pool and spa equipment and are appropriately licensed (electricians) as required by the State of Washington.  In the event that a consumer is unable to get warranty service on a product they purchased through another source, Aqua Spas & Pools will gladly repair/replace their parts or equipment at the consumer’s expense in order to get their product operating again.